Why and how to implement a management system?

What are management systems?

The management system enables the organization to achieve the goals it has set more easily and under controlled conditions.


The organization manages its activities when:

  • has a clearly defined vision

  • M ISSION their commitment and support clearly declares in politics.

  • the goals it has set are in line with its mission

  • has a plan to achieve them 

  • he knows how he will measure their performance and also does so

  • considers the needs of stakeholders as well as their expectations. She is actively seeking them to consider

  • knows his processes and manages them 

  • takes care of employee satisfaction and good relationships with suppliers and customers

  • monitors and measures outputs, takes action and communicates

  • does not rest on laurels and tries to be better!

What is a management system good for?

What does the implementation process look like?

  • Introductory stage: specification of management requirements ...

  • Planning: budget, team and its training, schedule ...

  • Creation of basic documentation: policy, context, manual, definition and analysis of requirements of relevant parties ...

  • System construction: processes, KPIs, risks, procedures and instructions,  system training, internal audit program ...

  • System implementation: system monitoring and debugging in  operation ...

  • Review: internal system audit, management review ...

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With regard to the uniform structure of system standards, the integration of standards is offered, which brings a number of advantages.  More on Trinity

PDCA cooperation scenario

PLAN - planning and preparation phases

  • We analyze  baseline and prepare  GAP analysis.

  • We will acquaint your employees with the purpose and purpose of implementation.  

DO - implementation and implementation phase

  • Consulting activities associated with the implementation of the requirements of the standard.

CHECK - phase of system verification by an external independent party

  • We will perform your organization with a certification audit.  


ACT - the phase of continuous development of the already established system

  • We will advise on the development of the system and its adaptation  to newly created needs.

  • We will help with the implementation of internal audits  and management review. 

  • We will prepare  and we will provide  realization  surveillance and recertification  audits.  

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