1st competition of its kind on LinkedIn,

where the evaluation committee numbers more than 1500+ experts 
What is QualiTea

QualiTea is a professional group based on LinkedIn, which brings together 1500+ quality experts from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

This platform is also a huge evaluation committee of this competition.

Do you want to become a member?

Are you more interested in this group?



Nominate your candidate - employee, colleague, consultant or auditor, in short, a person active in the field of quality management. The winner will receive a free online course from the general partner of the competition of their choice.


The deadline for nominations is 31.10.2022 !

What criteria must your nominated candidate meet?

1. professional experience 5 years +

2. operation in the territory of the Czech Republic or the Slovak Republic

3rd based LinkedIn profile


Send us a link to the personal LinkedIn profile of the nominee and the reasons for his nomination.


What will happen next? Who will choose the winner?


  • The competition partner selects 3 candidates

  • You  we will introduce you in a post on LinkedIn

  • The winners will be selected by a poll in LinkedIn polls

     members of the QualiTea expert group! He will therefore be elected by the commission

     reading  1500+ experts in the field


We will then present the winner to you on World Quality Day 11.11.2022!

The prizes for the competition in 2021 were donated by a certification company  NQA CZ sro


What could have been won in 2021?

  1. place: internal auditor training of your choice from NQA CZ sro  

  2. place: Ploberger protective equipment

  3. place: a set of professional publications on management systems


Read more about last year in a blog post .


The organizer of the competition reserves the right to change the competition, especially the dates of the competition, its rules, for any reason, and also reserves the right to cancel the entire competition without justification.

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