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Our services

We provide a wide range of services. Even if you do not see what you need - contact us if we are able to help you.



We introduce the requirements of the standards to corporate practices.   We always adapt the requirements of the standards to the client's conditions and create together with them  a functional management system. 



We will do it for you Internal auditaccording to the specific requirements of ISO, TISAX, AS/EN, VDA, etc. standards. We will prepare you for audit according tocustomer standards. 



We trainISO requirements, but we will also prepare tailor-made training for your system and specific onesmethods and techniques. We also traininternal auditors. Certificate and learning materials are a matter of course.

External support


If you lack or do not need to fully employ, for example, a quality manager - you can use oursexternal support. We will design the service according to your needs!

What do clients say?


ISO 45001 training

“The managers and management of the Autoneum plant have completed tandem training for  ISO 45001. Thanks to two lecturers, it was assumed that the training would have a gradient and that our people would be more involved in the interpretation or, thanks to the rotation of lecturers, they would at least keep their attention. This assumption has been fulfilled. The explanation was adapted to the individual levels of management and accompanied by specific examples from practice, which particularly interested our Masters. What turned out to be crucial was the language skills of the lecturers and the ability to conduct top management training in German and English. ” 

-  Pavel Bříza, EHS manager, Autoneum


Based on demand, we are also able to arrange for other audits than those listed here. Contact us.