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S(-)cope is the scope of the system, our cooperation on it, and the space for management systems experts.

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We work with experts from areas that are part of the system

One area will not work without the other

All systems are based on people. That is why we have established cooperation with Dagmar Matějková Chudárková,

expert in the field of human resources management.

What does such cooperation look like and what does it bring to you, the customer?

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Facility management

FACILITY MANAGEMENT is closely connected with ISO STANDARDS. That is why we have established cooperation with Vladimír Baletka-FM consultant.

The primary goal of FACILITY MANAGEMENT is to create a healthy and safe working and living environment in which employees can perform optimally. The secondary goal is to achieve the so-called OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY, which optimally uses buildings, machinery, equipment as a corporate asset to generate profit.

Effective FACILITY MANAGEMENT is a way to optimize operating (OPEX) costs and thus Vladimír as an FM consultant will be happy to help you.