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Information security management

Benefits of ISO 27001 / TISAX


You get a system that gives you comprehensive access to  information security  in  organization . Includes all assets from  data , through paper documents,  information and communication technologies  after  knowledge . It also includes development  qualifications  staff and technical protection against computer fraud.


The principles of information protection according to ISO 27001 are based on three principles of information security:

  • Confidentiality  - meaning that information is accessible only to those who are allowed ( authorized ) access

  • Integrity  - which means that the information is correct and complete

  • Availability  which means that authorized users have access to  information  at the moment they need them

  • Asset protection

  • Security rules

  • Cyber security strategies

  • IT administration

  • Incident management

  • Threat mitigation

  • Downtime reduction

  • Loss protection

  • Data destruction

  • Compliance checklist

  • Management system

  • GDPR

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